Louis took me on 4 years ago when I was an above average high school player with almost endless flaws in my golf swing. In the time he has spent with me he has helped me overhaul my golf swing, and probably more importantly my attitude and approach to the game. Louis has enabled me to reach many of my goals in the game, and continually strives to identify ways to help me achieve my current ones. Being a student of Louis’ has been a true blessing in my life.



Louis has helped my game by focusing on fixing my swing in the hitting zone. In addition, based on the drills I have been taught, I am clearly improving my swing in the hitting zone, but I have also found that his instruction has benefited my short game, pitching game, and tempo too. Amazing–all from the same drills! As I have improved my swing, making better and more consistent contact, I am more energized to continue this improvement and get to my goal of being a scratch golfer by 2011. We all want to improve and Louis has given me the tools to work hard to accomplish this.

George Zorich: Business Owner Lake Forrest, IL


Not only has Louis dramatically improved my golf game, he has transformed my mind to strive under immense pressure situations. I owe most of my progress to him.



In the past 2 months since I’ve started with Louis, my game has reached a new level.I won the Buffalo Grove invitational shooting 70. My ball-striking, short game, and putting have improved immensely. I have to give a Louis a ton of credit!! Jon

Gerrard – Highland Park Student


Louis did a tremendous job transforming my swing over the past year. While teaching me a variety of shots, he also taught me how to mentally approach the game of golf and different practice methods to go about on my own. My game transformed as a result of his ability to connect to me as a person and golfer.



My game has really improved over the last year. I now consistantly play a high draw with both drivers and irons. My workability has improved to the point that I can now pick and choose shot based on the situation. I broke par for the first time this year and shot my lowest nine hole round of 34 at the last day of tryouts birdieing the last four holes. I also grew mentally and showed that I was capable of battling back after a bad hole especially at big tournaments such as conference where I made a ten on a hole and shot 76 finishing ninth. Most importantly is my new confidence with my putting stroke. My putting has become the back-bone of my game. I have improved a lot this year.

Joey Bernstein: Highland Park, IL HS Student